Contoh RPP Bahasa Inggris Kesehatan

Kelas : BKI II C
NIM : 1134010105
Mata Kuliah : B. Inggris

hopefully salvation and God's love comes to us all praise be to God who delights members innumerable prayers and peace bestowed hopefully devoted to Muhammad .
to family, to friends and to us as adherents
Friends and all the teachers I respect.
On this occasion I will give a speech on the theme of delinquency among teenagers today.
Friends who I love and respect my teachers .
Juvenile delinquency in the modern era has exceeded the threshold of reasonableness . Many minors who are familiar with smoking , drugs , sex , and involved many other criminal acts . This fact is no longer transferable , we can see the brutal teens today through electronic media or directly in the environment we see around us .
Friends who I love and respect my mother's teacher .
This can occur because of factors will support behavior change among adolescents , for example :
- Lack of parental affection .
- Lack of parental supervision .
- Relationships with friends who are not peers .
- The role of science and technology developments that have a negative impact .
- The absence of guidance from the school 's personality .
- The basics of the religion which is less
- Lack of talent and hobby media channel
- Excessive freedom
- Problems unresolved
Friends who I love and respect my teachers .
There are several ways that might make the effort to overcome and prevent delinquency among adolescents , Especially for ourselves in order not to fall into it participated , including :
- The need for religious education from an early age that a useful routine to strengthen faith in ourselves as a teenager , as in the hadith of the prophet Muhammad explained :
Word of the Prophet : " Seven Group which is shaded on the day of Resurrection Allah that there is no shelter other than Him Almighty licensed , Leader that Fair , and youth who grow up with someone you worship his Lord , and the people who love the mosques , and two people who love each other for Allah , united by God and for God parted , and people who do despicable invited by a beautiful woman and rich , but he said: I pd Fear God , and the man who alms in secret , and those who remember Allah when tears welled up in solitude " ( Sahih Bukhari )

- Obey the advice - the advice that we have received , especially from our parents or from others ( teachers , more experienced people or our friends ) .
- Do not be led to try things that you think religion and law and considered one .
- Has the concept of life.
- Develop a plan for the future with a life and a good future . Everything [ Praise be to Allah
Friends and teachers that I respect , it may be a few words which I convey bias on this occasion , paid back so hopefully God bless